Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screening in Vladivostok, Russia, TONIGHT

I just made a phone interview with the Finnish radio program “A-laget” at Radio X3M. They phoned me up about 8.30 Swedish time, and I hadn´t really spoken to anyone yet this morning, and the first words I say always use to sound a little bit strange… But, I think it went well though!

I´m not so used to the fact that my words goes straight out in the air, and that´s a little scary!! You can listen to the interview by following the link below.

Just after this I got a phone call from a girl telling me she found out about Nasty Old People through her little brother. He and his girlfriend downloaded and watched the film, liked it a lot, and just had to watch something from Roy Andersson after this. So now they have downloaded all his films… Sorry Roy, but I think this is amazing. Not just to be compared with this fantastic director who I deeply admire, but also that Nasty Old People on the Pirate Bay can open people’s eyes to new kinds of movies!

I´m also deeply honored to tell you that Nasty Old People will be shown in Vladivostok, Russia, tonight! Alexey Koropsky has a cinema project called Kinosreda in Vladivostok, where he shows films not that well known. This is a big moment to all of us who worked with Nasty Old People, and I´m truly touched when I discover that Vladivostok is placed on the other side of the earth, in fact, almost as far away from Sweden as you can come!! This is magical, and spreads a new light over The Pirate Bay release.

This movie, done under those circumstances, and with the now existing film system, would never ever reach Vladivostok if it wasn´t for The Pirate Bay and the fact that so many people believe that sharing is caring. And this is just a film! If a film can create those meetings, between people across the earth, I´m convinced anything is possible! What will happen when those forces decide it´s time to create peace on earth? I´m touched.



  1. Alexander MelnichukNovember 1, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    Dear Hanna!

    Thank you for your love!

    I'm writing you from Vladivostok after seeing the movie here. I've just finished translation of the subtitles to Russian. How do I send them to you? I'm available at ama"land'ru email (replace the " and ' with @ and . respectively).

    Alexander Melnichuk
    Love from Vladivostok, Russia

  2. Hello Hanna and the team, from Greece

    I translated the subtitles too, in greek, please check your mailbox at Thanx for a lovely film.

    With love,

  3. Hello Alexander and Vladivostok! Is it you that already sent me an email with russian subs? I´m on my way to put them up on the priate bay.

    Thank you a thousand times!

    Hello Dimitris! Thank you so much for the subs in greek! I´m about to put them up on the pirate bay!!

    Thank you also for the complements!

    With love

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