Friday, October 23, 2009

Dvd version released!

The Dvd version of Nasty Old People have now been released.

get it here:


  1. Well, the film is nice and everything, but aren't you tired showing off tits?
    Just don't want to think of this script (which is a bit naive; and about naivety, actually) as of some sex-lust obsession propaganda.
    Really, that was excessive.

    P.S. The XviD release says the dub is in Swedish, while the DVD release shows Danish.
    What's that supposed to mean?

  2. lol, must have changed the information to danish by mistake when editing the torrent on TPB, but, changed it back to swedish now.

    Thnx for pointing it out.

  3. Posting the ISO made me want to donate, so I did. Smart move.