Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And the story continues...

Little by little, Nasty Old People is more and more available to the world! People are being engaged in many ways: André Roegglenis is right now translating the subs into German, Martin Vives into Spanish and Anthony Nordström into Swedish for hearing impaired. Thank you a thousand times! We really love it when you guys take part in the process, in one way or another, and once again I´m convinced that the future is all about doing things together!

Very soon there will be some graphics showing what happens on the donation account, but till then I’ll keep you updated with numbers. Right now we have received almost 12 000 SEK (1 200 EUR)! This is truly amazing to me and to all of us who worked with Nasty Old People! And all of this in just three days!

I know some of you request higher resolution and there will soon be an ISO-file for DVD uploaded on the Pirate Bay. I also need you to keep in mind that we´re still just a few working with this for free, and because of that we don´t have the capability to do all we want in the speed we would like to. But hang in there, keep the world updated, and build the new future for film together with us!

With love


  1. Aaaand here comes the subtitles file in French. It's obviously under the same license than the movie, namely CC-By-Nc-Sa which requires it, so feel free to improve it. I did my best and used spell and grammar checkers in OpenOffice.org but it's not meant to be professional quality. I just really liked the movie and a friend who doesn't read English wanted to watch it too, so...

    The file's up for grabs at http://netload.in/dateiFh4VhCQxNS/Nasty.Old.People.2009.XviD.%5BFr%5D_UTF-8.srt.htm (short link: http://ur1.ca/dju0 ) but keep in mind that this hosting is only temporary. Alternatively, you may also get it with the following eDonkey/eMule link: ed2k://|file|Nasty.Old.People.2009.XviD.[Fr]_UTF-8.srt|29033|5D0413D560674D2CA9AAEC230EA63AB7|/

    All the best to the entire team for your future endeavors, you definitely did a great job!

    PS: For boring tech stuff, I'd suggest you use Xvid or ogg instead of DivX next time, the quality would be better. Also, it would be nice to check the appropriate box on Vuze in order to add ed2k and sha1 hashes to the torrent file when you create it so that some clients can download the files faster.

  2. Hello!

    First, thanks a lot for the movie, all your hard work make a big difference and the spirit behind the production (of the free distribuition and CC license) makes me proud to live in such times.

    I think we are in the beggining of something new and I am happy to see that we can change the world, yes, little by little. Your movie and will are a great example for all the people that make art, music and movies for the love of art itself.

    I made my donation as well, not much though, I wish I could give more, but if it is any good, I will be showing this movie to my friends here in Kyoto, Japan, in one of our movie nites. We are all students here from country like Brazil (me), Lebanon, Madagascar, Belgium, Russia and of course, our japanese friends. I also will be writing a post in my blog (irukakorose.blogspot.com) later this nite.

    Thanks again, you did well!

    Alex Souza

  3. Thank you for your complements and your donations!

    Zigoman! Thank you very much for the subs in French! I´m thrilld by the way you all take part in the process!

    Alex! Of course it´s a great thing that you will show the movie to your friends in Kyoto! I´d be happy if you´d like to write a message, here or at the fanpage, about how many people saw the film!

    Thank´s again, this is exiting!


  4. Thanks a lot for making this film! First of all because it was really good, secondly because of making a great statement and taking an important step forward.

    By the way... is it possible to you to publish a version without any voice so dubbing without losing sound and music will become possible?


  5. Hello Rollschuhfahrer! And thank you!! I´m excited to see the outcome of this!

    And YES! We will release a version without any voice to make dubbing possible, but it will take a few days!


  6. Hey! I'm don't really know how to create subtitles for the movie, but if you have the .srt file in English, I'd would be able to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese, so Portuguese speakers will be able to watch the movie. Good job with the production! I really liked the movie.

  7. cleder.perez: the Portuguese subtitles are brazilian, but if you want to edit them, just open the .srt file in a texteditor, just as if it was a .txt file.

  8. so there already are portuguese subtitles for the movie? sorry, i didn't know. i watched it in english.

  9. Hanna and NOP team:

    First, thanks for TPBay for giving the film that extra push/plug on its premier. It made all the difference for us to notice and start downloading and seeding it. Wish they would keep running a few of the custom banners for a while even if taking down the custom splash page was necessary.

    Next, thanks so very much to the NOP team, all, for putting so much heart and talent into the creation of such a credible work of film art. From project concept (brave moved Hanna on going for the personal loan!), through script, through casting, production, and editing....all these moments provided you all with plenty of chances to make even innocent betrayals in either quality or artistic control, but you guys so fully succeeded in touching so many complex themes, laying the beauty and complexity of so many different lives open, on the stage for us to view in a way that respected both the great characters you brought to life as well as your audience's right to ride along and feel, judge, wonder, conclude for ourselves.

    Finally, please please either get that empty IMDB profile filled out or edit this cool site to include a CAST section where people like my girlfriend and I, breathlessly entranced by this amazing lead actress (for example ;), can learn about this talented group of performers you brought together.

    Utmärkt arbete, underbara konst, och många många tack till er alla,
    (Din trogna fans!)
    David & Dasha
    (trufriend -at- gmail -dot- com)

  10. Hello ruorrunaught!

    We have filled the IMDB profil, but it takes about seven days for it to appear because of IMDB. But soon!!!


  11. Hanna,
    Ah, ok, cool.
    Thanks for clarifying about IMDB.

    Again, Kudos!

    PS: if you are still fund-raising to either offset current costs to date or as part of a larger plan for this films future distribution do feel free to drop me a line at my work email: david (at) holoscapital (dot) com.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hanna,
    Firstly, thanks for the film. I liked it very much.

    Secondly, I will be glad to see HD release.

    Thirdly, I'm now preparing Russian subtitles for XviD version. Will make it ready as soon as possible


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