Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nasty Old People on tour!

Now Nasty Old People has its own life on the internet, but the plans of going on a tour around the world is still as strong as before. We´re convinced there is a big value in the direct meeting between humans, even though Internet of course is a fantastic place for people to meet and interact! This is why I now would like to invite you all to write to us if you want us to come to your town and show Nasty Old People. It might be at a club, a theater, a cinema or at other places you suggest! Right now it´s too cold, (at least in Sweden), to show the film outdoors, it´s freezing here, brrr!! But as soon as it gets warmer we´ll show the film on facades!

At the live-screenings the audience will be able to donate an optional amount according to the same principles as on the web, and I hope the tour (travel expenses etc.) will finance itself this way! So far we have booked live-screenings in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Gothenburg, the free film festival at Hagabion Nov. 7th

Lund, Kino Södra Nov. 26th

Gothenburg, Hagabion, Window for independent filmmakers. Nov. 27th - Dec.4th
(and maybe longer)

Stockholm, BioRio at Hornstull Dec. 2nd, 5th and, 6th

See you there!

Next time I´ll write something about all the great things we have discovered when we released Nasty Old People on The Pirate Bay.

I also give you some pictures from the live-premiere in Malmö!!

Love Hanna

Helene Granqvist, Coproducer from Good World

The Entrance

The Guest-book

Jens Molander played before the premiere

Christine Owman played afterwards

Harald´s dirty room

Outside Cinema Vagabondo showed shorts all night long

Elsie´s room

Tangram Film preparing


  1. Hi!

    Finally finished the Spanish subtitles! But I cant get them to work. I opened it in notepad and just translated the lines... But I'm sure you'll find someone to fix it!

    You can download it here:

  2. Hi Martin!! Thank you so very much! Great job! I´ll pass the file forwards and hope someone can get them to work.

    Well done!!


  3. spanish-subtitles are now working.

  4. Great. Just wanted to say that even though the spanish translation is pretty decent there is little things here and there I will take care of. So whenever you plan on releasing the DVD with multilanguage subs let me know and I will work on it. (I've worked as an english-spanish translator)
    My email is: