Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The heroes behind Nasty Old People

Mattias Hildingh, Jon Persson, Martin Lang

Today I´d like to write something about all the fantastic people who have worked with the shooting of Nasty Old People. First of all, no one got paid, and to make something like this come true it requires a very strong will, dedication and engagement from all those people.

It all started with a beer with Martin Lang, the cinematographer and Mattias Hildingh, the set designer, two dear friends of mine, who´s got their passion and heart into film. I told them about this crazy project, and was deeply thrilled when they wanted to join me. Martin has done shorts before, and this is his first feature. Mattias is a photographer too, and this is his first time as a set designer.
Martin Lang

Through them I met Jon Persson, who had worked on some features before. Jon was supposed to be a runner, but very soon he came to be responsible for the light, and suddenly we used his apartment as one of the locations for the shooting, and Jon had to put his furniture’s up on his attic.

Jon Persson

When you work on a low or no-budget film you don´t do just one thing. For instance, beside the set design Mattias also took sound, acted as a driver to pick up the actors and the team, he took care of the costume, and of course worked as a set dresser.

Mattias Hildingh

As I told you before Nasty Old People is shot during a period of nine month, it´s like a pregnancy, :), and during the last two months Martin and Jon worked at the shooting of another feature at the same time, to pay their rent. This means they worked non-stop for two months, without even one day off….

Johan Hedelius, the first camera assistant, owned a camera for renting, and I´ll always be truly grateful to him because he let us rent his camera for a very small price. And of course he lost some other customers during this period, so he didn´t just invested his time and his camera, he also lost other income.

Johan Hedelius

Frida Nordström went to a film school during this period and started to work with us to get her work-experience. When this time had passed, Frida stayed with us until the end, even though she had to take her classes at the same time.

Frida Nordström

Sara Hildingh and Therese Ekstedt were responsible for the make-up and used their own equipment. This means they invested with a lot more than their time, because there was no money available to pay for the make-up.

Sara Hildning
Therese Ekstedt och Rune Bergman

There were lots of other persons involved in the project from time to time, among others Adam Sandell, who lent his own car to the project during the last two months and Lena Lodesjö, who made phone-calls at evenings after her day-job trying to find sponsors.
Lena Lodesjö

And of course I have to tell you about my dear friends and companions in life and filmmaking, Andrea Kåberg and Vanja Sandell Billström. It´s the three of us who runs Tangram Film, and I hope to make films and life together with them as long as I live.

Vanja Sandell Billström

Andrea Kåberg

I could go on and on and tell you about those people and the amazing job they have all done, but right now I´d just like to say: If you like the movie, please support us by donating, so those people can get something for their work. They all deserve it so very very much!

So far we received about 27.000 SEK, (2 700 EUR)!

Thank you so very much to all of you!!


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