Friday, October 16, 2009

Five days, 16.000 downloads and 15.000 SEK

Five days, 16 000 downloads and 15 000 SEK (1 500 EUR)! The downloading frequency is still strong, even though it´s a little less than when the movie was on the front-page of the Pirate Bay. I´d like to gather my thoughts about what has happened before we walk into the next phase.

When we decided to release Nasty Old People on The Pirate Bay, we had no idea how the reception would be. What we did know, is that this is a place with lots and lots of users, and many of them are interested in different kind of culture, like movies, music and books.

Just a few hours after the movie was released on the Pirate Bay we got over 500 downloads. Now, five days later we got over 16.000! The information about Nasty Old People spread thru social networks like facebook and twitter, and at different blogs around the world. And after three days 13.000 people from 113 countries have visited this blog.

Sharing files is obviously a great way to reach a big audience in very short time. Meanwhile we discovered lots of other values during the process. You guys contacted us and offered to help with subtitling, and now there are subtitles in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian! You have also helped a lot by putting the film out on other sites and networks, and the same thing goes for those of you who have contacted us in order to organize live screenings all over the world.

We also keep getting amazing responses from many of you, which creates a direct link between you, the "audience," and us the "the creators". I´m not happy though to call you the audience, because you are definitely now a part of the process in many ways - by seeding, blogging, and so forth! I do really have the feeling that we are doing things together and I hope you also feel the same!

As you all know people are able to donate money to the film and so far we have received 15 000 SEK (1 500 EUR, 2 070 USD). This works just the way we imagined, some people give a lot, and others a little less, all depending on their own financially situation. Since I believe that culture- like stories, art and music - reflect and builds society, it´s really important to me that no one is excluded just because of how much money they have in the bank.

The film was released with a Creative Common-license, BY-NC-SA. This opens up possibilities and many of us are wondering what the remixes will look like! Last but not least, I believe there is an ecological dimension in this too. Since the distribution is all digital and we don´t need to print DVD´s, use plastic and transportation, it hopefully is better for the environment.

When I put all those values together- social, cultural, financial and environmental, I´m even more convinced then before that sharing is important for the future, and a necessary part of the steps we need to take for sustainable development to happen!

So! Keep seeding please and spread the word. This is not the end of it!

Love to you all


  1. Hey,
    just wanted to say that I just finished watching the film and it's AMAZING,
    I'll tell you the truth right away - when I saw the piratebay promotion banner thing I thought "well that's nice of them, helping promote a non-profit film" so I decided to take a look although I really wasn't expecting much.

    I was really REALLY surprised to see a proffesional, beautifully made film.

    It was a pleasure and I can't wait to see more from you and the other talented people who worked on this, and I am sure I speak for a lot of lazy people by saying this.

  2. Sub ita

  3. Film fan from the UK here.

    Really enjoyed your movie, all the old characters were so fascinating and I loved the lead girl. It was really interesting emphasising with this person that you knew had a very dark side. For me it would have perhaps been better to not even explain/show the nazi side of her life, and leave out the scenes with the rest of her gang to leave a bit of subtle ambiguity there to feed the imagination a bit more.

    Very much looking forward to your next movie, will contribute what I can afford to your paypal when I get payed end of month.

  4. I just saw the movie and I think it was really good. I started off with the trailer a few days ago and it made me want to see the whole thing. I didn't think it would meet my expectations, glad it proved me wrong ;)

    Thank you! I look forward to seeing more from you. (I made a donation in the amount of a cinema ticket)

  5. I've been seeding the movie on eDonkey instead of BitTorrent since I got it on October 11th. Until yesterday there were only a few, sporadic downloads, and the global statistics of showed that there were only around 10 copies on the whole ed2k network (the real number should be a bit higher since peerates doesn't check the decentralized Kad DHT network but anyway, that gives a rough idea).

    Today, I don't know wtf happened but things have completely changed: right now all my upload slots are occupied by Italian folks who are downloading it like crazy; and interestingly eDonkey is very popular in Italia. Maybe the release of subtitles in Italian has something to do with the huge increase of the downloads on this network, I don't know, but anyway this really doesn't look like the end of the story :)

  6. Thank you TNT village for the Italien Subtitles!

    And Thanks Tony for the feedback on the plot, I take your thoughts with me. And of course very much thanks to all of you for your complements!

    And Zigoman! That´s amazing! Maybe got something to do with the article in on the TNT village blog:

  7. Just want to say thanks for making the movie, very good :)

  8. Just watched the movie and LOVED IT!!! I think it is genius to release through torrents! Can't wait till the show comes to NY on tour!


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  10. That's a really nice movie :) I just payed 1 Euro for it. It's not it's value, for sure, but if everyone pays its Euro or Dollar or know the story ;)

    Thx for the movie, I try to share it with as many people as possible.