Friday, October 23, 2009

On the first page again!!

I´m sitting on the train on my way back from Stockholm to Malmö. It has been three intense days, and some more are about to come; cause we´re now on the first page of THE PIRATE BAY again!! Thank you Pirate bay!! Yey!

This time we´re also seeding an iso-file with Nasty Old People in higher resolution! Download, share, seed, remix, and now also: organize bigger screenings! One request though from us to you: please send a comment or an email and tell us how many saw the film and please upload some photos from your screening on the fan page on face book.

As I told you before we´ll never know for sure how many people have downloaded Nasty Old People , but a quick look at all the torrent sites says about 30 000 times! We have also have received MORE than 20 000 SEK, (2000 EUR!) by now. This means we have covered more than 20 percent of the bank loan!! Thank you so much to all of you!

Me and Vanja from Tangram Film have had some great meetings in Stockholm, among others with Bio Rio, and now it´s decided that the film will be shown at Bio Rio in the beginning of December. Of course this is the time to see the film in HD!
I also met Unni Drougge, and Anna Troberg to get some support and advice. It was a great meeting and we talked a lot about what the future will bring! Unni Drougge released one of her books at The Pirate Bay earlier.
I´m happy that my wireless internet works on trains, because then this 6 hour train trip will go quick!!

Love to you all, keep seeding and don´t forget so spread the word!!


  1. Great movie, great idea to promote it and great to offer it with creative commons license.
    Due to the fact that we believe that this is the way to create and share a movie we posted a presentation of the movie and links one to donate and one to Pirate Bay, although our site (more like a blog) is about motorcycles and at its infancy .
    Hope that more people get involved in promoting, sharing and donating for your movie.
    I must say again, great movie!
    All the best
    The crew from DSM

  2. Hello DSM! Thank you! I´m happy to read this and I´d love it if you´d like to post the link to your blog?

    And thank you for the complements!

    All the best

  3. You should try to promote your movie more through traditional media! (the big news papers etc) . But that might be an uphill battle becouse of the political forces that operates there... But you might be able to get it into a public service network?

  4. Snälla kan inte jag få subba om er film.
    Jag menar inte att va taskigt, men snälla kan inte jag få göra det?

    Eller om jag inte får det, kan ni i alla fall tänka på det?

    /Mvh. Emilio

  5. I am so pleased to have seen such an interesting film, and I can't believe you release it non-commerically. I can tell you it is much better than many films I have paid to see in the cinema. You have shown real passion in what you have made, and the end result is quite stunning. If you can get any screenings in the UK then I and others would love to come. Meanwhile we will offer a donation.

    Tom C.

  6. I'm downloading the movie now, can't wait to see it.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the willingness to try something new. I will certainly donate - but I'm going to see the movie first before I decide how much.

    This reminds me of the time I went on a guided tour in Berlin. I'm an experienced, educated and free-thinking backpacker, so I always make a point of exploring a city myself. Guided tours are for old ladies, right?

    Well, we were short on time in Berlin, and this girl came up to us and offered us a guided tour. We were sceptical, but she was happy, friendly and seemed to know a lot about the city - but most importantly, she represented a company that DIDN'T charge before the tour - the entire operation was based on tips AFTER the tour. So basically, they HAD to have a quality product, right?

    We figured that we had to support a company that had such faith in their guides that they were willing to base their profits on what their customers actually got, not what they expected to get. Well - the tour was EXCELLENT. How much did we give? Well, let's just say that she got a lot more than the standard 10 to 20 euros most crappy, angry old guides charge.

    It was an eye opener, and I'm so happy to see that you're willing to do the same thing in a field where the vast majority still won't.

    Good luck in all your future endeavours! Can't wait to see the movie :)

  7. I felt totally in love with this movie!!! I'll definitely suggest it to anyone i know!!! This was a GREAT work people! =)

  8. The movie was great! I love how you released it over bittorent and CC'ed it. I was wondering if you could also put up the soundtrack too? that would be amazing.

  9. Hej Emilio!

    Vill du göra om de engelska subsen? Du är varmt välkommen att göra en ny version och skicka den till oss!


  10. Hi and thank you for all your complements! Of course will come to UK, we´ll just have to find some money to go and make the trip, but I´d say we´ll probably be there next spring or summer.

    Thank you for the story from Berlin! About the soundtrack, thats a something I need to talk to the composer about, but some way or another will release it eventually!


  11. Hi Hanna!

    I really enjoyed watching Nasty Old People! The characters were amazing and I loved the music and those stop-motion clips in between. :)
    Thank you very much for releasing your movie under the CC license. In a much smaller scale I know what it is like to give something you made yourself away for free (I am an amateur photographer and I release most of my pictures as Creative Commons).
    I am glad that I learned about the movie from the Pirate Bay starting page. I am afraid I might have missed it entirely if I hadn't seen it there. On my blog I will link to your page and spread the word.

    Thanks again and I am looking forward to seeing more from you soon! :)

    Andy (from Austria)