Saturday, October 10, 2009


Nu händer det! Kl 19.00 idag, 10 Oktober ger sig some nasty old folks ut på pirathavet! Därför kommer jag från och med nu skriva på engelska!

The story of this feature started in autumn 2007 when I asked a bank for a private loan of 10 000 Euro to start the shooting of Nasty Old People. I was basically afraid to lose motivation and creative energy if I should wait for film funds or some big producers to invest in it. So, instead, I asked my dear and crazy friends to join me in the project - without getting paid - and they said yes!

Two weeks before the first day of shooting the bank finally said yes! I was happy, but also terrified. What if it we wouldn’t make it? What if all those creative and engaged people worked for nothing? Anyway, we struggled together through hundreds of hours of non-paid work. Despite the lack of money and equipment we actually managed to finish the shooting of Nasty Old People in 32 days over a period of nine months. Between the periods of shooting we built the set design using old wallpapers, leftovers from carpenters and lots and lots of tape. Most of the scenes are shot in the homes of the film team and the actors; so for periods we stored our own furniture in attics. And also, of course, we had to take care of our ordinary day-jobs.

Anyway, when we had shot two-thirds of the feature I was tiered as hell and I couldn’t imagine how we would ever make it to the end. This was the time when I met Helene Granqvist, a producer at Good World in Malmö. Helene supported us throw the last days of shooting and went into the project as a co-producer for the post-production. She managed to find some funding to partly cover the expenses for editing, sound design, music and colour grading. The rest of the post-production is done by Good World for free. Today when we’re done and I look back I can see it’s a great thing we finished the shooting. But to me it’s even greater to experience this almost magical feeling you get when you struggle together with a common vision, without money being your first motivation, and do things you hardly imagine yourself being capable of doing.

Through this journey I learnt a lot about filmmaking, and storytelling, but I think most of all I learned how to jump into the unknown together with other people - without knowing the outcome - but still having trust in other people and in life. That life itself will carry on when you are too tired and don’t have the strength to continue on your own.

Now when it’s finished, we are happy to release Nasty Old People to the world wide audience on the net. We do this in a different way for the same reasons we once started the project in a different way. We don’t want to wait for someone else to accept the film. There is just too much love invested in the project. Putting it in a box to store is not an option. We wanted to tell a story and of course we want it to be shown everywhere. So, now it's out; free to leech and seed, copy, share and remix, and hopefully it will be around for a long time.

I don’t want to force people to pay for Nasty Old People, because I’m convinced that stories, art and music create and reflect the society we live in and being able to take part of that creativity should not be dependent on how much money you have in the bank.

Still, of course, I would be thrilled if the team and the actors behind Nasty Old People could get something for all their work, that the bank loan can be repaid and I hope that we can do lots of features together in the future; next time with a little more money. So if you like what you see and would like us to produce some more please support us by sending us some money.

Even though Nasty Old People is released on the net it will still be shown in public places and perhaps in small theatres and at film festivals around Europe. The tour starts in Malmö, Sweden. Tonight, the 10th of October Nasty Old People is shown in Malmö at Kontrapunkt by Luffarbion, aka Vagabond Cinema, which basically is a cinema on wheels run by the film collective RåFILM. Kontrapunkt is a meeting place and workspace for creative people engaged in diverse cultural activities.

On its tour around the world Nasty Old People will be shown outdoors on facades, in clubs, cinemas and theatres. The admission will always be free according to the same principles as on the net. The audience gets the opportunity to donate an optional amount that goes to the loan, distribution, salary to the team, and financing our next feature.

On this webpage you can follow Nasty Old People on its tour around the world and find out when we’ll come and visit your town. If you want to help us organize a premier near you please contact us at

So if you like what you see and would like us to produce some more please support as by sending an optional amount that goes to the loan, distribution, salary to the team, and financing our next feature!


  1. Jag har "smygtittat" på filmen i eftermiddags och den är verkligen grym. Ännu ett bevis för att kollaborativt skapande är grejen, i synnerhet med en Hanna i spetsen.

    Nästa steg, att vi ser till att lösa finansieringen. Om 99 till gör som jag så är iaf banklånet betalt. Häng på:

  2. While this seems like a great movie, I'd be afraid of offending people with the whole Nazi thing.

  3. Why would it offend people? Movies like American History X and many more got nazi characters.

  4. underbart att se någon använda den nya tekniken och även släppa med CC-licens. Kommer donera så fort jag får igång paypal oavsett om den visar sig vara bra eller inte:)

  5. Såg den igår. Stort tack!
    Har precis satt in ett bidrag.

  6. Kommer den släppas i HD?

  7. Hi! Greethings from Spain! I really liked your movie! I'm gonna spread the word! Good luck!

  8. Congratulations. This looks like a total winner. And on the other side of the moon from Thomas Alfredson.

  9. Hi! I really liked the movie... The acting was awesome, I was very impressed by that. A few scenes seemed like badly cut/filmed, like where the gardener gets attacked, and when the car drives toward mette and the old man in the wheelchair. I wonder, should you release the data itself (the shots from different angles) if someone might take time to improve it :)

    The quality is also a bit inequal at times, some scenes look really professional, with great cameras and wonderful acting, a few (but just a few) seemed put together a bit rapidly.

    All in all it was a great movie, I hope you will have great success!

  10. awesome movie, thank you for all your hard work!

  11. Thanks for sharing .. about the donation .. it might be good to write the Swedish Post account for donation in the IBAN format as well on if this is possible so people from all around Europe can use the bank transfer easily (SEPA transmission without any transfer deductions)

  12. Hey, greetings from Brazil. I really liked the movie, the acting was really great and the screenplay was just perfect. I was wondering, can I start translating the subtitles to brazilian portuguese? Ah, also thanks for the great movie.

  13. Fischer, we have Portugues subs at - excuse my ignorance, but is brazilian portuguese very different? If so, please translate it!

    Ebricca, I'll ask Hanna about the IBAN.

    Yann, I'll ask Hanna if it would be ok to release the raw footage as well!

  14. Very good initiative !!
    But next have to be in freeformat: OGG Theora !

  15. Jag satte just in några kronor, är nog inne på torsdag. Kul intiativ!

    Har bara skummat igenom filmen än så jag vet inte vad jag ska ge den för betyg än, men jag vill ha HD kvalitet! kan ni inte fixa det? Det vore asgytt!

  16. Hej, bra film skitbra tema. Det är precis så inom hemtjänsten och andra "skityrken".
    Kände igen mig i en hel del. Det lönar sig inte alltid att vara snäll när man jobbar med gamla och vissa är riktiga idioter, som "vanliga" människor.
    Skönt att ngn vågar prata om nazism eller människor. För den tråkiga ny-nazismen handlar ju precis om modern marginalisering.Jag har hört så många tråkiga bakgrundshistorier. Eller som en ex-nazist utryckte det "Det var en enda lång social ökenvandring..". Det kanske tom var en given lösning för många att bli nazist för att få uppmärksamhet.
    Det finns faktiskt värre saker än att vara landsortsnazist (som suger), tex att skriva tråkiga krönikor på en kvällstidning, som expressen, kvp eller aftonbladet he he...
    Jätteglad att ert projekt gått i land, sätter in
    ngr tior på ert projekt.

  17. I would also love to donate some Euros to this great movie I really enjoyed to watch but because of privacy concerns, Paypal is not an option for me. Please list the IBAN and BIC of the account at the website so we can donate using SEPA from other countries. (in my case: Germany)

    I furthermore agree with Anonymous that a movie like this should be released using free codecs like Theora. If you want to offer this additional option, I could provide you with a high quality theora version of the movie.