Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creative Pirate

Since Saturday night I´ve received lots and lots of mail from people all over the world who says this is the future. I´m just so grateful to be a part of something like this, something new, and the fact that nothing would be possible without all of you who seed and spread the word. It really makes me humble. This is truly a way of creating things together, and I don´t want to miss the next level of this!

I want you to know that we now have the subtitles in Portuguese by Bruno Marcuche, thank you Bruno! I have a request from Peter who needs a translation into German. I´d love you all to post your needs, because there is for sure be someone out there who are able and willing to help!

You can find the Portuguese subs here: http://www.opensubtitles.org/en/subtitles/3574584/nasty-old-people-pb

We also have requests from people who need posters and flyers to promote live-screenings! What if we do it together? This is a request to all you "pirates"!! Make your own poster/flyer of Nasty Old People, upload it to the FB-fanpage so people can choose which one to use! No one would be happier than me if we got at least ten posters from different parts of the world! We would also need someone who could write about this movie on Wikipedia!

AND! When do I get to see the first remix of Nasty Old People?

I´m very happy today to let you all know that we so far have received just over 8000 SEK (800 EUR). This is amazing and covers almost 10 percent of the bank loan I took to make this film come true. And this has happened in just two days! It would be a thrill to reach 20 percent by tomorrow, so keep seeding and spread the word around the world!

Love Hanna


  1. You should add Google Checkout for donations. Then I will donate. I really love the film. JAVISST!

  2. Pace you don't even need to register with paypal to make a donation... And even if you had, is nothing compared to making a whole movie to share for free.

    Oh, BTW, Im 25% done with the Spanish subs. Hope I get it done by today or tomorrow!

  3. Martin Wow! Amazing! Thanks!

    Pace: Thank you! And I know richie and the guys are working on a google account, so don´t worrie ;)


  4. You really should add a possibility to buy DVD's of the movie (and maybe a short making of?). And of course T-Shirts, like ThePirateBay does it!

    I believe more people will support you if you do this. Good luck with your next project.

  5. unfortunately we cant make a google checkout account at the moment since you need an american or english bank account to make a seller account.

  6. sound doesn't work. fail.


  7. I am the owner of a subtitle website that can help users translate directly on the website.

    I have uploaded the BR subtitle. All you have to do is signup and start a new translation in your language.
    Signup and start translating in as many languages as possible! Help this movie become famous!

    Here is the wiki subtitle website


    Best regards,


  8. Subtitles in portuguese? Now I made a wiki in portuguese too: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasty_old_people

    Congratulations! To the next step, we will dub the movie.

  9. By any chance are you participating in the 5th
    India International Women's Film Festival, New Delhi? (starting second week of December 2009)

  10. About spreading the word:
    I made a post about the film to my colleagues at school before I went of work today, already 3 persons have asked me for copies, wanting to show the film to their students!

    Actually a DVD-image would be preferable here, these people are more used to viewing stuff at TV.. But I'll get them something ;)

  11. Firstly, go to blogger settings, publishing tab and transfer the whole blog to the new domain, then clicking on the picture won't show the ".blogspot", I'll be downloading this movi soon...
    Could I have your email?
    (applied[@]& [.] for anti spam measures.

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