Friday, December 25, 2009

People´s prize at Guldbaggegalan! (Press this link to VOTE)

Merry Christmas to all you pirates and to all of you who´s hoping for a future of sharing, interaction, participation and Creative Common! Since Nasty Old People has been shown at cinema for a couple of days, it´s also one of the features you can vote for to win the people´s prize of "Guldbaggen".

"Guldbaggen" is the big Swedish cinema award, with all the common prizes like best actor/actress and so on, but they also have a special prize from the people, and everyone can vote!

The prize is called: “The prize of the cinema-audience” So what if a world-premiere at THE PIRATE BAY could win the peoples prize?

Vote for Nasty Old People at Or press the link at the top of this page! Write your name, email and city, and then you will receive an email confirm your vote. After voting you can spread the word through facebook, twitter and so on!

Please help us spread the word through internet forums and at all places at the internet you can think of!

The voting will continue until the middle of January and the three movies in top will be nominated to the people’s prize. During the “Guldbaggegala” at the 25th of January there will be a telephone-voting where one of the three nominees will win the people´s prize!

So please support us, and don´t forget to seed!!!



  1. Hi there.
    I saw polish version of subtitles for this film and I'm afraid that translation is very poor.
    I myself did translate subs for Nasty Old People (I'm quite experienced at translating) and I have a question - where should I send that subs? Do you have a mail of some sort? Where can I find it? Please response to

  2. Hello! Thank you very much for reacting on the Polish subtitles, it´s very kind of you to make new ones!

    Please send the subs to!

    Thanks again


  3. Vilken skum trailer, den här ska jag se! :D
    Hälsa Karin Bertling från mig :)

    - Simon Tingemar (från "den avundsjuke")

  4. Nu är det dags för Guldbaggegalan 2011!