Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanx to all of you who voted!

The voting for the people´s prize is closed and we´ll find out the results the 19:th of January. Thank you very much to all of you who voted! If Nasty Old People is one of the nominees you will be able to call and vote for us at the 25:th!

The tour continues and here are some dates for upcoming screenings:

Kiev, Ukraine, 18th Febuary and for two weeks

Nürnberg, Germany, 27th of February and for one week

Sunne, Värmland 23d of March

Södertälje, 5th of May

We’re working on a date for screening in Rome to.

Meanwhile the work with the new script continues. I’ll go to London to take part in the second part of Sources 2, an international screenwriting workshop, and hopefully take the script on step forward. We’re hoping to start the shooting at spring 2011.

The casting to a short which will be shoot during this spring has also begun.

Love to you all and don´t forget to seed!



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  2. Hello dear Hanna,
    My name is Yana and I am a canadian filmmaker.
    I wrote about your film in my russian blog and I hope that more people will watch it!
    While I was watching your film, I couldn't figure out whether it was shot on 35mm camera, 16mm or digital? Could you please tell me? Thank you! Your story is really enchouraging!

  3. Hello dear Yana! Thanks for writing about the film in your blog! I´d be happy if you'd like to send me the link to your blog!

    The film is shot with dvc-pro HD, with 35-adaptor!

    Thank´s again for your compliments!

  4. Hanna, here's the link of the review of "Nasty Old People" in my blog:

    that's good to know that it was shot on the digital cam with the 35mm adapter, it inspires me.