Thursday, December 3, 2009

Copenhagen, tonight!

Tonight Nasty Old People will be shown at Filmstationen in Copenhagen, thanks to Torben Olander and Sebastian Chatham. You can´t enter The Pirate Bay in Denmark, and therefore this is an extra thrill! The screening is for free and the cinema will collect money to the bank loan.

Here in Stockholm we work with posters and the Internet to spread the information about Saturday, Bio Rio.

Hope to see some of you there!

Love Hanna


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  2. Hi Hanna,

    I live in Barcelona and I have a good friend who works for an important film collective which organizes film festivals in catalonia with public funds.

    I was talking to him about organizing a festival and colloquium with good quality movies made collaborately, published under creative commons or marketed online.

    It would be great to eventually have you with us and maybe you could also suggest us some shorts and movies published recently worth adding to the list of possible candidates if we finally decide to put this project forward and get needed funds.

    Main aim would be to share director's experiences with the project and defending this relatively new model.

    You can write me to



  3. I wish I had known about this showing here in Copenhagen in time to come. Hopefully there will be more showings soon!

  4. Hello Martin! That´s a wonderful idea and I´d love to join you in Catalonia! I´ll write you an email!

    Opspin! That´s to bad! I´ll let you know about the next screening!