Friday, December 11, 2009


Today, and for five days, Nasty Old People will be on the front-page of the biggest Russian torrentsite! This happens thanks to Malky, and we´re all very grateful to him!

To all users on Nasty Old People is a Swedish independent film that started with a bank loan of 10 000 Euro and had premiere with a Creative Common - license on The Pirate Bay.

Through The Pirate Bay the movie has spread to lots of countries and it has been downloaded over 40 000 times. Users on the site and other torrent-sites has translated the subtitles to 10 different languages and today the movie is downloaded by independent cinemas. Last week Nasty Old People was shown at cinemas in Lund, Gothenburgh and Stockholm, and in the spring it will be shown in Ukraina, Germany an Italy.

The movie has actually already been screend in Vladivostok!!

No one in the team got paid during the shooting and therefore we have a paypal account where you as a user can support us and help us pay the bank loan, but also support the team and the actors so that we hopefully can make new films in the future.Until today we have received 3 500 Euro.

So please download, spread, seed and remix the movie, please support and write to us an let us know what you think about all this!



  1. Good news!

    I'm trying to spread the voice through the ed2k network and related forums...

    Maybe will be useful (for me but also for others "supporters") to have a list of forums where to post...

    ...especially to spread the film in countries that have not yet translated subtitles in their own language!

    Also, a "Poster" of the movie would be nice ;)

    Again thanks to Hanna and the entire team!

  2. Awesome little independent film..

    My contribution is the DANISH SUBTITLES/Dansk tekst, here (Edonkey link):


    Thanks again & best regards,

    Michael Wahlstrøm

  3. Hello there.
    I'm Pedro Costa from Madeira Island, PORTUGAL (EUROPE).
    I've seen the movie today and i liked it a lot.
    Quite impressive for a "0" cost cast..
    Main actress performed quite well. She is also extremely beautiful wich helped in some way to make her role more "expressive" and almost breath taking in some situations.
    Congratulations. I would make a donation via paypal to the movie.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hello and thank you for your nice complements to the movie!

    Thank you for spreading the information at ed2k network. I´ll ask someone to make a list, but if you know about good places to to post the info, please send it to me and I´ll put it up on the blog.

    Thank you so very much Michael Wahlstrøm for the Danish subtitles! we´ll also put them up togehter with the rest of the subtitles.

    And Pedro, I´m happy you liked it, thank you very much for your donation!

    All the best to all of you!