Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sustainable Culture?

On my way back to Malmö by train.

Nasty Old People have now visited Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm! In Stockholm more than 150 persons saw the film in three days, and we received about 1500 SEK (150 Euro) in donations to the bank loan.

From what I heard it was crowded in Gothenburg the last day, even though there wasn´t so many visitors the first days. I guess it took some days for the word to spread!

Upcoming screenings:

Mamö, Panora 15th of Dec. 17.30 - 40 SEK

Trelleborg, Plattformen 18th of Dec. 19.00 – FOR FREE!

And after that it´s Christmas, so the tour will continue in January 

Tomorrow I´ll take part in a seminar called K21 at Inkonst in Malmö. The seminar is about sustainable culture – local / global culture, What does culture has to do with sustainable development in an economical, social and ecological perspective. Those questions are really important to me, and of course The Pirate Bay and sharing files are really important questions in this context.

There will be politicians, designers, artists and a lot of other people at this seminar and I think it could be really interesting and create new meetings and cooperation’s. I´m very much looking forward to this.



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