Monday, November 30, 2009

A screening for the press today!

I´m sitting on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm and outside the window it´s still almost dark even though it´s 9 am. Its grey, rainy and cold. It´s always a special feeling to travel by train under those conditions.

It has been three intimate screenings of Nasty Old People at Hagabion in Gothenburg with really nice and fruitful discussions afterwards. Thanks to you who were there! It´s very special to see you face to face and to take part of your thoughts, experiences, and questions that was raised during the movie. It gives me new perspectives on the story, and I discover things I didn´t see before.

It also great for me to hear people saying that they can recognize themselves in the story, people who works or have been working in the home help service and knows what it´s about, that it can be really hard but also how much you get back. Or people whose mother and father is really old and has to depend on the home help service. Thank you for your thoughts and all great meetings!

Unfortunately I can´t be there for the last for screenings because I´m leaving for Stockholm. It will be a screening for the press later today, and I´d lie if I say I´m not at least a little bit nervous. So far the film has had an amazing life on the internet, and the movement – the guerilla movement as Gunnar Bergdahl says, - that’s active on the Internet, is a movement that wants something new to happen, who is happy when the old systems starts to move just a little bit, and who sees the Creative Common license as a movement for peace.

I want to be in those rooms, of course, but still I cannot help to hope for the old school media to see a value in the movie, and not least the way the movie and the distribution happened.

So cross your fingers with me today!