Monday, November 23, 2009

On the big screen

I got a phone call from someone who wondered if he had come to a home for oldies. Well. It was kind of funny even though I really hope he´s grandmother, father, whatever can take care of him/her self, if the son wants you to go to a home for Nasty Old People you probably need to look after yourself.

However, this was a joke, right?

Now the tour has started for real, and Lund is first out. Don´t forget to go and see the film the two following weeks if you live in Malmö/Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm.

Kino Lund, 26th of Nov 19.00

Hagabion Gothenburg, 27th Nov – 4th Dec

Bio Rio Hornstull, Stockholm, 5th-7th Dec

Entrance: 40 SEK. (This is for the cinemas to cover their expenses for the screenings. Above this you are welcome to support the filmmakers)

Hope to see you there, and for you who don’t live in Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm, we´ll hopefully come to your town soon. But if you know your local cinema, film club etc, and would like to see Nasty Old People on the big screen, write a line to me or organize a screening yourself, and just let me know where and when so I can promote it on this page.

Love to you all, and hope to see you at the cinema!


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