Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new script!

I´m in the middle of a screenwriting workshop in Austria, Sources 2, with my new script, Granny´s dancing on the table, together with Helene Granqvist, the producer of this feature, and co-producer of Nasty Old People.

It’s very intense and I remember the days when we developed Nasty, the troubles we had, the questions, and the times we felt unsecure as you always do, trying to find your way for the characters. Should you listen to the feeling in your stomach, even though no one else can feel or understand what you mean? How much should you listen to what other people say? Do we feel unsecure because we go against the conventions and we actually should do that, or because there really is a problem with the character? Well hopefully we come out a little wiser than before, and with lots of questions to answer.

At the same time I´m so deeply happy that you guys out there still seed, and that you help us in such wonderful ways to both spread the word about Nasty Old People, and show the movie at different cinemas around the world. This means so much to us, and we’re happy for all your support, your comments and when you organize screenings of the film!

Thank you very much to all of you


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