Friday, September 3, 2010

The bank loan is GONE!!!!

Yesterday, almost one year after the premiere of Nasty at The Pirate Bay, it was screened at Swedish Television - as the first movie ever with a CC-license. I am not sure what this mean…. But I’m quite sure it means SOMETHING. Maybe it means more people will think of CC as a license for their work of art? Maybe means “the system” starts to realize they can’t fight the future, and that the concept of free culture continues to find its path?

I don’t know, what do you think it means?? What will it mean if more people use CC?

Do you think it will have an effect?

What’s concrete is that they pay us 7500 EUR, the same amount we so far received in donations. It’s less than they pay an ordinary Swedish movie, but still it’s awesome to us. This mean:

We can pay the bank loan. The bank loan is gone!!!!!! Damn it we did it! :) :)

We can make DVD:s. So now there will be REAL DVD:s with REAL covers for those of you who wants one! (please let me know if you’re interested. )

We can pay some of our invoices concerning master- copies, old application fees for festivals, and stupid things like that.

And it means that money we recieve from NOW on, will go to the TEAM and THE ACTORS! So any one who now contributes with little or a lot, directly pays the crew!

And this means a hell of a lot. And actually it means we did it! And it’s all thanks to you. Cause you were seeding, supporting, writing, paying. Maybe it’s like this: If you really really whish for the world to change – maybe somtehing will start to grow, starting with just a vauge scent of transformation.

Yesterday I was at a pre-premier for a wonderful movie, a dark fairytale. The movie tells us: If you wish for something hard enough, it will happen.

I think so.

Soon you will be able to know everything about this movie, in a very special way… ;) Have to bite my tongue not to tell… Aaahh! To be continued…. :)

And by the way.... we have found a Granny Dollar!!! :) :)

Love and keep wishing!