Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost in Berlin

The first day in Berlin I was lost in the U-bahn, and happened to meet Zineb, also lost in the U-bahn. It turned out Zineb studies to become a producer / distributer and was on her way to write an article about alternative distribution, and we set up time for an interview. And as usual it turned out to be one of those meetings in life that just happens when you’re somewhat lost. This is not only true for when you’re lost in time and space, but also when the next step into the future is not quite clear. Not to know can be the best way to find a new and exciting path.

I have just come home from an amazing screening at Gothenburg film festival and a visit at Berlinale, and it’s really great to notice that many people have heard about the movie in many different ways. This means you guys did a great job spreading the word, thank you so much for that!

Next step is a film festival in Milano, Squardi Altrove, two weeks at a cinema in Ukraine starting tomorrow and after this at cinema in Nürnberg, Casablanca.

In March there will be a press screening and press conference in Kiev, and screenings in Sweden in Sunne and Södertälje. We’re also making planes for screenings in Finland and Hungary.

Keep seeding and see you out there in the world.