Friday, December 25, 2009

People´s prize at Guldbaggegalan! (Press this link to VOTE)

Merry Christmas to all you pirates and to all of you who´s hoping for a future of sharing, interaction, participation and Creative Common! Since Nasty Old People has been shown at cinema for a couple of days, it´s also one of the features you can vote for to win the people´s prize of "Guldbaggen".

"Guldbaggen" is the big Swedish cinema award, with all the common prizes like best actor/actress and so on, but they also have a special prize from the people, and everyone can vote!

The prize is called: “The prize of the cinema-audience” So what if a world-premiere at THE PIRATE BAY could win the peoples prize?

Vote for Nasty Old People at Or press the link at the top of this page! Write your name, email and city, and then you will receive an email confirm your vote. After voting you can spread the word through facebook, twitter and so on!

Please help us spread the word through internet forums and at all places at the internet you can think of!

The voting will continue until the middle of January and the three movies in top will be nominated to the people’s prize. During the “Guldbaggegala” at the 25th of January there will be a telephone-voting where one of the three nominees will win the people´s prize!

So please support us, and don´t forget to seed!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Reports from Russia and new subs!

Today I got a nice report from Malky about what´s happening on the Russian trackers. There are three different torrents of the movie on, and it´s also seeded from, another popular Russian tracker.

Some reviews:

“The film balances between a black comedy and a drama..”

"The movie is very extraordinary and realistic"

Malkey is also seeding in Ukraine, at Thank you for that!

All together the movie has about 1000 downloads on those trackers all together so far.

"Nasty Old People have also appeared on ( "cinema
search") It's russian alternative for imdb:

I´m also happy to let you know that we now have Hungarian subtitles, translated by Lelkidoki, and Serbian thanks to Petar Protic! Thank you a thousand times!!


Friday, December 11, 2009


Today, and for five days, Nasty Old People will be on the front-page of the biggest Russian torrentsite! This happens thanks to Malky, and we´re all very grateful to him!

To all users on Nasty Old People is a Swedish independent film that started with a bank loan of 10 000 Euro and had premiere with a Creative Common - license on The Pirate Bay.

Through The Pirate Bay the movie has spread to lots of countries and it has been downloaded over 40 000 times. Users on the site and other torrent-sites has translated the subtitles to 10 different languages and today the movie is downloaded by independent cinemas. Last week Nasty Old People was shown at cinemas in Lund, Gothenburgh and Stockholm, and in the spring it will be shown in Ukraina, Germany an Italy.

The movie has actually already been screend in Vladivostok!!

No one in the team got paid during the shooting and therefore we have a paypal account where you as a user can support us and help us pay the bank loan, but also support the team and the actors so that we hopefully can make new films in the future.Until today we have received 3 500 Euro.

So please download, spread, seed and remix the movie, please support and write to us an let us know what you think about all this!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sustainable Culture?

On my way back to Malmö by train.

Nasty Old People have now visited Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm! In Stockholm more than 150 persons saw the film in three days, and we received about 1500 SEK (150 Euro) in donations to the bank loan.

From what I heard it was crowded in Gothenburg the last day, even though there wasn´t so many visitors the first days. I guess it took some days for the word to spread!

Upcoming screenings:

Mamö, Panora 15th of Dec. 17.30 - 40 SEK

Trelleborg, Plattformen 18th of Dec. 19.00 – FOR FREE!

And after that it´s Christmas, so the tour will continue in January 

Tomorrow I´ll take part in a seminar called K21 at Inkonst in Malmö. The seminar is about sustainable culture – local / global culture, What does culture has to do with sustainable development in an economical, social and ecological perspective. Those questions are really important to me, and of course The Pirate Bay and sharing files are really important questions in this context.

There will be politicians, designers, artists and a lot of other people at this seminar and I think it could be really interesting and create new meetings and cooperation’s. I´m very much looking forward to this.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stockholm, this is awsome!

It was a great day in Stockholm yesterday. Karin Bertling, actress in Nasty Old People, made a wonderful performance and we were all very happy to see so many people there.

I think it’s amazing every time people go to the cinema to see a movie they´re encouraged to download, and this kind of “proofs” what we hoped for, that the internet and the cinema are complements, not competitors!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

The crazy team from Malmö is coming to Stockholm :)

It´s just hours left to the live-premiere in Stockholm, Bio Rio, Hornstull. Four members of the crazy team are on their way from Malmö to Stockholm right now, and actress Karin Bertling who does “Elsie” in Nasty Old People - the mean one - is preparing for her live-show togehter with Eva Möller at the cinema tonight.

And I´m done with the posters!

Two days ago there was a live-premier in Copenhagen, filmstationen - follow this link to see some pictures from the screening.

The screening was for free and Torben collected money to the bank loan afterwards. They recived 165 Danish kr, and thought it was to little, and added therefore the surplus from the bar and it ended up with 500 Danish kr! I would like to say thank you to all of you who were there, and especially to filmstationen and Torben!

I´m very much looking forward to see you tonight at 20.00!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Copenhagen, tonight!

Tonight Nasty Old People will be shown at Filmstationen in Copenhagen, thanks to Torben Olander and Sebastian Chatham. You can´t enter The Pirate Bay in Denmark, and therefore this is an extra thrill! The screening is for free and the cinema will collect money to the bank loan.

Here in Stockholm we work with posters and the Internet to spread the information about Saturday, Bio Rio.

Hope to see some of you there!

Love Hanna