Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Screening in Vladivostok, Russia, TONIGHT

I just made a phone interview with the Finnish radio program “A-laget” at Radio X3M. They phoned me up about 8.30 Swedish time, and I hadn´t really spoken to anyone yet this morning, and the first words I say always use to sound a little bit strange… But, I think it went well though!

I´m not so used to the fact that my words goes straight out in the air, and that´s a little scary!! You can listen to the interview by following the link below.

Just after this I got a phone call from a girl telling me she found out about Nasty Old People through her little brother. He and his girlfriend downloaded and watched the film, liked it a lot, and just had to watch something from Roy Andersson after this. So now they have downloaded all his films… Sorry Roy, but I think this is amazing. Not just to be compared with this fantastic director who I deeply admire, but also that Nasty Old People on the Pirate Bay can open people’s eyes to new kinds of movies!

I´m also deeply honored to tell you that Nasty Old People will be shown in Vladivostok, Russia, tonight! Alexey Koropsky has a cinema project called Kinosreda in Vladivostok, where he shows films not that well known. This is a big moment to all of us who worked with Nasty Old People, and I´m truly touched when I discover that Vladivostok is placed on the other side of the earth, in fact, almost as far away from Sweden as you can come!! This is magical, and spreads a new light over The Pirate Bay release.

This movie, done under those circumstances, and with the now existing film system, would never ever reach Vladivostok if it wasn´t for The Pirate Bay and the fact that so many people believe that sharing is caring. And this is just a film! If a film can create those meetings, between people across the earth, I´m convinced anything is possible! What will happen when those forces decide it´s time to create peace on earth? I´m touched.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Next script!!

A new week is here and it has been a fantastic weekend with lots of mail, response and downloads. Now we also, thanks to you have covered one fourth of the bank loan and that´s really, really amazing!

Now we´re also caught up by all the technical stuff, we´re making files in different formats for the cinemas, posters, tapes and so on. And in the middle of all this I´ll take part in a script-writing workshop in Austria, Sources 2, with my next full-length movie. It´s called Granny´s dancing on the table, and I´m thrilled to go into this process to see what happens.

It´s always amazingly expounding to read other scripts and take part in a group where you together walk into to each other unconscious dreams, hopes, needs and wants, to find out what stories are about to be revealed. Nasty Old People was developed on a similar course, with Kirsten Harder as script-consultant, and so many things happened with the script during this process.

So, I´m really excited!

Friday, October 23, 2009

On the first page again!!

I´m sitting on the train on my way back from Stockholm to Malmö. It has been three intense days, and some more are about to come; cause we´re now on the first page of THE PIRATE BAY again!! Thank you Pirate bay!! Yey!

This time we´re also seeding an iso-file with Nasty Old People in higher resolution! Download, share, seed, remix, and now also: organize bigger screenings! One request though from us to you: please send a comment or an email and tell us how many saw the film and please upload some photos from your screening on the fan page on face book.

As I told you before we´ll never know for sure how many people have downloaded Nasty Old People , but a quick look at all the torrent sites says about 30 000 times! We have also have received MORE than 20 000 SEK, (2000 EUR!) by now. This means we have covered more than 20 percent of the bank loan!! Thank you so much to all of you!

Me and Vanja from Tangram Film have had some great meetings in Stockholm, among others with Bio Rio, and now it´s decided that the film will be shown at Bio Rio in the beginning of December. Of course this is the time to see the film in HD!
I also met Unni Drougge, and Anna Troberg to get some support and advice. It was a great meeting and we talked a lot about what the future will bring! Unni Drougge released one of her books at The Pirate Bay earlier.
I´m happy that my wireless internet works on trains, because then this 6 hour train trip will go quick!!

Love to you all, keep seeding and don´t forget so spread the word!!

Dvd version released!

The Dvd version of Nasty Old People have now been released.

get it here:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nasty Old People at BioRio in Stockholm!

Today I had a great meeting with Ellen at BioRio in Stockholm, and it´s now decided that Nasty Old People will be shown there for at least three days: 5-7 December. Before then it will be shown at Hagabion in Gothenburg at their program called window for independent filmmakers.

I want you all to know that I´m trying to find time to answer all your emails and comments, and even if you don´t get an answer right away, don´t give up, it will come, I promise!

Did I say that we now also have the subtitles in Finnish? I don´t know who made the translation though, so please write to me and let me know, so I can put your name up here!

Thank you again to all of you who have sent us money, very soon we have 20 percent of the bank loan covered!!

Love to you all

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, in Stockholm

It’s Wednesday, I’m in Stockholm, and about to meet a journalist from the Swedish film news – filmnyheterna - and I’m trying to gather my thoughts. People have asked me if I’m not afraid that we have offended “the system” by doing what we have done. Well, this makes me think of how we came up with the idea in the first place. The dream of a release on the internet has been around for a long time, but we didn’t have either the knowledge or the time to make it come true ourselves.

Some time ago we met Richard Topgaard and Erling Björgvinsson from Malmö University that research on developing new collaborative ways of producing social media by bringing together researchers, students, grassroots media producers, artists and IT companies. When we started to talk about new and interactive ways of distributing the movie we could easily see that sharing files on sites like The Pirate Bay is a fantastic interactive distribution that already works, but still no feature has been released this way.

Since then five students studying interaction design at the School of Arts and communication (K3), Malmö University have had the distribution of Nasty Old People as one of their projects, and now the film is seeded from Malmö University computers! The students are about to write a paper on the subject; I am curious about what they will write and I look forward to reading it!Today we have at least 20 000 downloads and 18 000 SEK, (1 800 EUR). Of course this is amazing in so many ways, but when I think about it, for me the greatest part of all this, is that for the whole thing to work out we have to help each other! Someone have to seed for someone else to be able to download, and I believe people want to take part, not just consume, and this is one step in that direction. So no, I’m not afraid to offend “the system”; rather I’m very happy that it actually does work!

Keep seeding!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Five days, 16.000 downloads and 15.000 SEK

Five days, 16 000 downloads and 15 000 SEK (1 500 EUR)! The downloading frequency is still strong, even though it´s a little less than when the movie was on the front-page of the Pirate Bay. I´d like to gather my thoughts about what has happened before we walk into the next phase.

When we decided to release Nasty Old People on The Pirate Bay, we had no idea how the reception would be. What we did know, is that this is a place with lots and lots of users, and many of them are interested in different kind of culture, like movies, music and books.

Just a few hours after the movie was released on the Pirate Bay we got over 500 downloads. Now, five days later we got over 16.000! The information about Nasty Old People spread thru social networks like facebook and twitter, and at different blogs around the world. And after three days 13.000 people from 113 countries have visited this blog.

Sharing files is obviously a great way to reach a big audience in very short time. Meanwhile we discovered lots of other values during the process. You guys contacted us and offered to help with subtitling, and now there are subtitles in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian! You have also helped a lot by putting the film out on other sites and networks, and the same thing goes for those of you who have contacted us in order to organize live screenings all over the world.

We also keep getting amazing responses from many of you, which creates a direct link between you, the "audience," and us the "the creators". I´m not happy though to call you the audience, because you are definitely now a part of the process in many ways - by seeding, blogging, and so forth! I do really have the feeling that we are doing things together and I hope you also feel the same!

As you all know people are able to donate money to the film and so far we have received 15 000 SEK (1 500 EUR, 2 070 USD). This works just the way we imagined, some people give a lot, and others a little less, all depending on their own financially situation. Since I believe that culture- like stories, art and music - reflect and builds society, it´s really important to me that no one is excluded just because of how much money they have in the bank.

The film was released with a Creative Common-license, BY-NC-SA. This opens up possibilities and many of us are wondering what the remixes will look like! Last but not least, I believe there is an ecological dimension in this too. Since the distribution is all digital and we don´t need to print DVD´s, use plastic and transportation, it hopefully is better for the environment.

When I put all those values together- social, cultural, financial and environmental, I´m even more convinced then before that sharing is important for the future, and a necessary part of the steps we need to take for sustainable development to happen!

So! Keep seeding please and spread the word. This is not the end of it!

Love to you all

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nasty Old People on tour!

Now Nasty Old People has its own life on the internet, but the plans of going on a tour around the world is still as strong as before. We´re convinced there is a big value in the direct meeting between humans, even though Internet of course is a fantastic place for people to meet and interact! This is why I now would like to invite you all to write to us if you want us to come to your town and show Nasty Old People. It might be at a club, a theater, a cinema or at other places you suggest! Right now it´s too cold, (at least in Sweden), to show the film outdoors, it´s freezing here, brrr!! But as soon as it gets warmer we´ll show the film on facades!

At the live-screenings the audience will be able to donate an optional amount according to the same principles as on the web, and I hope the tour (travel expenses etc.) will finance itself this way! So far we have booked live-screenings in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Gothenburg, the free film festival at Hagabion Nov. 7th

Lund, Kino Södra Nov. 26th

Gothenburg, Hagabion, Window for independent filmmakers. Nov. 27th - Dec.4th
(and maybe longer)

Stockholm, BioRio at Hornstull Dec. 2nd, 5th and, 6th

See you there!

Next time I´ll write something about all the great things we have discovered when we released Nasty Old People on The Pirate Bay.

I also give you some pictures from the live-premiere in Malmö!!

Love Hanna

Helene Granqvist, Coproducer from Good World

The Entrance

The Guest-book

Jens Molander played before the premiere

Christine Owman played afterwards

Harald´s dirty room

Outside Cinema Vagabondo showed shorts all night long

Elsie´s room

Tangram Film preparing

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And the story continues...

Little by little, Nasty Old People is more and more available to the world! People are being engaged in many ways: André Roegglenis is right now translating the subs into German, Martin Vives into Spanish and Anthony Nordström into Swedish for hearing impaired. Thank you a thousand times! We really love it when you guys take part in the process, in one way or another, and once again I´m convinced that the future is all about doing things together!

Very soon there will be some graphics showing what happens on the donation account, but till then I’ll keep you updated with numbers. Right now we have received almost 12 000 SEK (1 200 EUR)! This is truly amazing to me and to all of us who worked with Nasty Old People! And all of this in just three days!

I know some of you request higher resolution and there will soon be an ISO-file for DVD uploaded on the Pirate Bay. I also need you to keep in mind that we´re still just a few working with this for free, and because of that we don´t have the capability to do all we want in the speed we would like to. But hang in there, keep the world updated, and build the new future for film together with us!

With love

Creative Pirate

Since Saturday night I´ve received lots and lots of mail from people all over the world who says this is the future. I´m just so grateful to be a part of something like this, something new, and the fact that nothing would be possible without all of you who seed and spread the word. It really makes me humble. This is truly a way of creating things together, and I don´t want to miss the next level of this!

I want you to know that we now have the subtitles in Portuguese by Bruno Marcuche, thank you Bruno! I have a request from Peter who needs a translation into German. I´d love you all to post your needs, because there is for sure be someone out there who are able and willing to help!

You can find the Portuguese subs here:

We also have requests from people who need posters and flyers to promote live-screenings! What if we do it together? This is a request to all you "pirates"!! Make your own poster/flyer of Nasty Old People, upload it to the FB-fanpage so people can choose which one to use! No one would be happier than me if we got at least ten posters from different parts of the world! We would also need someone who could write about this movie on Wikipedia!

AND! When do I get to see the first remix of Nasty Old People?

I´m very happy today to let you all know that we so far have received just over 8000 SEK (800 EUR). This is amazing and covers almost 10 percent of the bank loan I took to make this film come true. And this has happened in just two days! It would be a thrill to reach 20 percent by tomorrow, so keep seeding and spread the word around the world!

Love Hanna

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank you!

Hanna Sköld, Director

This is so amazing, so many emotions! It´s difficult to find the right words... All of us who worked with Nasty Old People is deeply touched and thrilled by all the kind words and support from you guys, from all over the world!

A million thanks to all of you who seed and donate, and to the Pirate Bay!

Today, once again, I found out that when you do what you believe in - amazing things can happen! Keep seeding and spread the word!

With love,

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Nu händer det! Kl 19.00 idag, 10 Oktober ger sig some nasty old folks ut på pirathavet! Därför kommer jag från och med nu skriva på engelska!

The story of this feature started in autumn 2007 when I asked a bank for a private loan of 10 000 Euro to start the shooting of Nasty Old People. I was basically afraid to lose motivation and creative energy if I should wait for film funds or some big producers to invest in it. So, instead, I asked my dear and crazy friends to join me in the project - without getting paid - and they said yes!

Two weeks before the first day of shooting the bank finally said yes! I was happy, but also terrified. What if it we wouldn’t make it? What if all those creative and engaged people worked for nothing? Anyway, we struggled together through hundreds of hours of non-paid work. Despite the lack of money and equipment we actually managed to finish the shooting of Nasty Old People in 32 days over a period of nine months. Between the periods of shooting we built the set design using old wallpapers, leftovers from carpenters and lots and lots of tape. Most of the scenes are shot in the homes of the film team and the actors; so for periods we stored our own furniture in attics. And also, of course, we had to take care of our ordinary day-jobs.

Anyway, when we had shot two-thirds of the feature I was tiered as hell and I couldn’t imagine how we would ever make it to the end. This was the time when I met Helene Granqvist, a producer at Good World in Malmö. Helene supported us throw the last days of shooting and went into the project as a co-producer for the post-production. She managed to find some funding to partly cover the expenses for editing, sound design, music and colour grading. The rest of the post-production is done by Good World for free. Today when we’re done and I look back I can see it’s a great thing we finished the shooting. But to me it’s even greater to experience this almost magical feeling you get when you struggle together with a common vision, without money being your first motivation, and do things you hardly imagine yourself being capable of doing.

Through this journey I learnt a lot about filmmaking, and storytelling, but I think most of all I learned how to jump into the unknown together with other people - without knowing the outcome - but still having trust in other people and in life. That life itself will carry on when you are too tired and don’t have the strength to continue on your own.

Now when it’s finished, we are happy to release Nasty Old People to the world wide audience on the net. We do this in a different way for the same reasons we once started the project in a different way. We don’t want to wait for someone else to accept the film. There is just too much love invested in the project. Putting it in a box to store is not an option. We wanted to tell a story and of course we want it to be shown everywhere. So, now it's out; free to leech and seed, copy, share and remix, and hopefully it will be around for a long time.

I don’t want to force people to pay for Nasty Old People, because I’m convinced that stories, art and music create and reflect the society we live in and being able to take part of that creativity should not be dependent on how much money you have in the bank.

Still, of course, I would be thrilled if the team and the actors behind Nasty Old People could get something for all their work, that the bank loan can be repaid and I hope that we can do lots of features together in the future; next time with a little more money. So if you like what you see and would like us to produce some more please support us by sending us some money.

Even though Nasty Old People is released on the net it will still be shown in public places and perhaps in small theatres and at film festivals around Europe. The tour starts in Malmö, Sweden. Tonight, the 10th of October Nasty Old People is shown in Malmö at Kontrapunkt by Luffarbion, aka Vagabond Cinema, which basically is a cinema on wheels run by the film collective RåFILM. Kontrapunkt is a meeting place and workspace for creative people engaged in diverse cultural activities.

On its tour around the world Nasty Old People will be shown outdoors on facades, in clubs, cinemas and theatres. The admission will always be free according to the same principles as on the net. The audience gets the opportunity to donate an optional amount that goes to the loan, distribution, salary to the team, and financing our next feature.

On this webpage you can follow Nasty Old People on its tour around the world and find out when we’ll come and visit your town. If you want to help us organize a premier near you please contact us at

So if you like what you see and would like us to produce some more please support as by sending an optional amount that goes to the loan, distribution, salary to the team, and financing our next feature!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Det händer spännande saker nu, och vi är alla lite spända och nervösa. Samtidigt som inspelningsteamet just nu bygger och fixar och målar inför premiären på kontrapunkt på lördag så är allt äntligen i sista stund (nästan) klart för Nasty Old Peoples on-line premiär på The Pirate Bay, samtidigt som off-line premiären på kontrapunkt. (Jag fick reda på häromdagen att det heter så nuförtiden, inte IRL. J)

På lördag den 10 Oktober kommer Nasty Old People ligga på The Pirate Bays förstasida, med en Creative Common licens. Detta betyder att man har rätt att ladda ner, sprida, kopiera och remixa filmen så mycket man vill, så länge man anger vilka upphovsmännen är, inte använder den för kommersiellt bruk, och så länge andra får remixa remixarna.

Visst är det lite läskigt för oss alla att låta filmen ha premiär där eftersom vi inte riktigt vet vad som kommer hända, det är ju inte riktigt så man brukar göra. Filmer hamnar ju oftast på nätet sist, och då av ”misstag” dvs det är inte kreatörerna själva som lägger upp den där. Samtidigt är ju nätet den plats på jorden där man ser mest film! Efter att ha funderat ganska mycket fram och tillbaka bestämde vi oss för att försöka göra det där vi skulle vilja göra lite oftare: Lyssna på känslan i magen och göra det vi egentligen inte vågar.

Ang inträde och sånt tänker vi likadant med nät-premiären som med live-visningarna. Vi tar inget inträde utan man kommer istället kunna sponsra filmen med vad man vill och kan, eftersom folk har olika ekonomiska förutsättningar.

Detta betyder alltså att du som inte har möjlighet att komma på festen på kontrapunkt kan delta i alla fall! Samla dina vänner, ladda hem filmen och ha premiär hemma hos dig!
Vi ses live eller on-line!