Monday, November 30, 2009

A screening for the press today!

I´m sitting on the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm and outside the window it´s still almost dark even though it´s 9 am. Its grey, rainy and cold. It´s always a special feeling to travel by train under those conditions.

It has been three intimate screenings of Nasty Old People at Hagabion in Gothenburg with really nice and fruitful discussions afterwards. Thanks to you who were there! It´s very special to see you face to face and to take part of your thoughts, experiences, and questions that was raised during the movie. It gives me new perspectives on the story, and I discover things I didn´t see before.

It also great for me to hear people saying that they can recognize themselves in the story, people who works or have been working in the home help service and knows what it´s about, that it can be really hard but also how much you get back. Or people whose mother and father is really old and has to depend on the home help service. Thank you for your thoughts and all great meetings!

Unfortunately I can´t be there for the last for screenings because I´m leaving for Stockholm. It will be a screening for the press later today, and I´d lie if I say I´m not at least a little bit nervous. So far the film has had an amazing life on the internet, and the movement – the guerilla movement as Gunnar Bergdahl says, - that’s active on the Internet, is a movement that wants something new to happen, who is happy when the old systems starts to move just a little bit, and who sees the Creative Common license as a movement for peace.

I want to be in those rooms, of course, but still I cannot help to hope for the old school media to see a value in the movie, and not least the way the movie and the distribution happened.

So cross your fingers with me today!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

“the guerilla-movement in the cyberspace”

You pirates are “the guerilla-movement in the cyberspace” ! Read the article of Gunnar Bergdahl in the Swedish newspaper "HD"

”The Guerilla-movement of voluntary translators has translated the movie into 10 languages and donated 35 000 SEK (3500 EUR)”

“The movie has been downloaded over 30 000 times, an impressive number of watchers ever for a Swedish movie with a normal budget”

I´m so proud to be a part of this!

The new language is Serbian, which soon will be available to download here at the blog and at The Pirate Bay!

Keep seeding, we´re changing history here!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you pirates! ;)

Today I have some wonderful news: One third of the bank loan is now covered!!! thanks to all you pirates! ;)

The tour has started, and in two days the first screenings will take place in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Hope to see some of you there!

I´ve been contacted about screenings in Trelleborg, Budapest, Nürnberg, Malmö, Ukraine and Italy. I´ll write more about it as soon as the dates are set.
I Also found out that the film will be shown at a common culture festival in Umeå, in the very north of Sweden- At this festival all the art is released under creative common.

I´d like to push a little extra for this, just because of the CC-licenses, I think it´s always amazing when festivals are organizing free culture, and I hope there will be lots of love in Umeå the 4th and 5th of December!

Go Umeå!


Monday, November 23, 2009

On the big screen

I got a phone call from someone who wondered if he had come to a home for oldies. Well. It was kind of funny even though I really hope he´s grandmother, father, whatever can take care of him/her self, if the son wants you to go to a home for Nasty Old People you probably need to look after yourself.

However, this was a joke, right?

Now the tour has started for real, and Lund is first out. Don´t forget to go and see the film the two following weeks if you live in Malmö/Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm.

Kino Lund, 26th of Nov 19.00

Hagabion Gothenburg, 27th Nov – 4th Dec

Bio Rio Hornstull, Stockholm, 5th-7th Dec

Entrance: 40 SEK. (This is for the cinemas to cover their expenses for the screenings. Above this you are welcome to support the filmmakers)

Hope to see you there, and for you who don’t live in Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm, we´ll hopefully come to your town soon. But if you know your local cinema, film club etc, and would like to see Nasty Old People on the big screen, write a line to me or organize a screening yourself, and just let me know where and when so I can promote it on this page.

Love to you all, and hope to see you at the cinema!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New subtitles!

I am very happy to let you know that the we now have subtitles in four new languages, and they are available to download from this site.

First we have Polish and Finnish, I don´t know who created those, but thank you very much whoever you are!

Than we have Russian subtitles made by Malky and the divX is also available on a Russian tracker: Thank you Malkey!

We also have Greek subtitles thanks to Dimitris! Thank you Dimitris!

It´s now also possible to download all the subs as a rar-file from this site.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new script!

I´m in the middle of a screenwriting workshop in Austria, Sources 2, with my new script, Granny´s dancing on the table, together with Helene Granqvist, the producer of this feature, and co-producer of Nasty Old People.

It’s very intense and I remember the days when we developed Nasty, the troubles we had, the questions, and the times we felt unsecure as you always do, trying to find your way for the characters. Should you listen to the feeling in your stomach, even though no one else can feel or understand what you mean? How much should you listen to what other people say? Do we feel unsecure because we go against the conventions and we actually should do that, or because there really is a problem with the character? Well hopefully we come out a little wiser than before, and with lots of questions to answer.

At the same time I´m so deeply happy that you guys out there still seed, and that you help us in such wonderful ways to both spread the word about Nasty Old People, and show the movie at different cinemas around the world. This means so much to us, and we’re happy for all your support, your comments and when you organize screenings of the film!

Thank you very much to all of you


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The heroes behind Nasty Old People

Mattias Hildingh, Jon Persson, Martin Lang

Today I´d like to write something about all the fantastic people who have worked with the shooting of Nasty Old People. First of all, no one got paid, and to make something like this come true it requires a very strong will, dedication and engagement from all those people.

It all started with a beer with Martin Lang, the cinematographer and Mattias Hildingh, the set designer, two dear friends of mine, who´s got their passion and heart into film. I told them about this crazy project, and was deeply thrilled when they wanted to join me. Martin has done shorts before, and this is his first feature. Mattias is a photographer too, and this is his first time as a set designer.
Martin Lang

Through them I met Jon Persson, who had worked on some features before. Jon was supposed to be a runner, but very soon he came to be responsible for the light, and suddenly we used his apartment as one of the locations for the shooting, and Jon had to put his furniture’s up on his attic.

Jon Persson

When you work on a low or no-budget film you don´t do just one thing. For instance, beside the set design Mattias also took sound, acted as a driver to pick up the actors and the team, he took care of the costume, and of course worked as a set dresser.

Mattias Hildingh

As I told you before Nasty Old People is shot during a period of nine month, it´s like a pregnancy, :), and during the last two months Martin and Jon worked at the shooting of another feature at the same time, to pay their rent. This means they worked non-stop for two months, without even one day off….

Johan Hedelius, the first camera assistant, owned a camera for renting, and I´ll always be truly grateful to him because he let us rent his camera for a very small price. And of course he lost some other customers during this period, so he didn´t just invested his time and his camera, he also lost other income.

Johan Hedelius

Frida Nordström went to a film school during this period and started to work with us to get her work-experience. When this time had passed, Frida stayed with us until the end, even though she had to take her classes at the same time.

Frida Nordström

Sara Hildingh and Therese Ekstedt were responsible for the make-up and used their own equipment. This means they invested with a lot more than their time, because there was no money available to pay for the make-up.

Sara Hildning
Therese Ekstedt och Rune Bergman

There were lots of other persons involved in the project from time to time, among others Adam Sandell, who lent his own car to the project during the last two months and Lena Lodesjö, who made phone-calls at evenings after her day-job trying to find sponsors.
Lena Lodesjö

And of course I have to tell you about my dear friends and companions in life and filmmaking, Andrea Kåberg and Vanja Sandell Billström. It´s the three of us who runs Tangram Film, and I hope to make films and life together with them as long as I live.

Vanja Sandell Billström

Andrea Kåberg

I could go on and on and tell you about those people and the amazing job they have all done, but right now I´d just like to say: If you like the movie, please support us by donating, so those people can get something for their work. They all deserve it so very very much!

So far we received about 27.000 SEK, (2 700 EUR)!

Thank you so very much to all of you!!