Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nordic Film Lab

I’m on my way through a snowy but sunny Sweden from Stockholm to Gothenburg for the screening of Nasty Old People on Gothenburg film festival.

Even though we wasn´t nominated to the people´s prize of “guldbaggen” it was still kind of amazing to take part at guldbaggen two days ago. Now it´s two and a half year since I took the bank loan and started the shooting. Somehow it´s a long time ago, and at the same time so short!

When I evaluate this time, I’m damn sure it´s worth every second.

Now I’ll also take part in Nordic Film Lab at Gothenburg filmfestival and I’ll present myself and Nasty. And I have decided to focus on Creative Common, since I have realized not many in the film industry know about the CC-licens, and I truly belive this is the future, and something deeply important to us as creators.

So, I´ll get back to you about what happens, mean while, keep seeding and spread the word.




  1. Well done.... I donated to the movie, love the idea, love the CC. Have you paid off the bank loan yet?

  2. Hi ya :) I've just watched the film - it is great!
    good luck for the future :)

  3. hi hanna,

    as i told you a while ago me and a friend are organizing a creative commons forum/projection. it would be during a couple days in a weekend in barcelona. (friday and saturday, maybe thursday)

    we will have a section with local shorts from films schools in barcelona and also wanted to have some int. projects like yours. will have director of documentary To Shoot an Elephant ( and also the most important distributor of creative commons movies in spain. we still have to plan the scope of all to present the plan to get private funding. we'd be paying your plane ticket of course ;)

    anyway... write me to so we can talk about it further.