Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want to work with you again!

It was a while ago since I wrote, I’ve been evaluating what has happened, and I have started a new project, called "Granny’s Dancing on the Table", which some of you might already know. The link to Granny on facebook is http://www.facebook.com/grannysdancing

Me and Andrea at Tangram Film will do this project together with Helene at Good World, Bobbi and Karin at Ozma gamedesign, Anna at Kore productions and Richie and Erling at Medea – the research institute of Malmö University, who also helped to get Nasty up on The Pirate Bay -I will soon give you an introduction of this wonderful team! And of course – hopefully – together with many more people and not at least all of YOU in some way or another, cause this project will be all about interaction and collaboration.

I am so amazed by all the fantastic work you have done, spreading the movie, seeding, translating, organize screenings or just be supportive, so I have decided I want to release the next feature also with a creative commons license, and I want you to be able to take part much more, already from the beginning of the production of the movie.

But this time I also want to find “regular” financing, cause I want the team to get paid, and it will be a challenge to both find money and to work with CC. I’m convinced it will work, but I will need you help! To be continued…

So far we have started to work with the script on facebook, where you can contribute with your own personal stories, thoughts and ideas, and soon we will walk into the next phase where you will be able to contribute with different kind of artistic material. But before I would like to know what you would like to do, what your whishes and needs and wants are…? Pease write, and let me know!

Tomorrow I am invited to talk at something called Good morning 2020 - follow at twitter #GM2020, and take a look at the homepage: http://www.amiando.com/gm2020.html This is a conference for entrepreneurs, business-people and new media-people, and it’s about how to be prepared for the future.

Of course I started to think about what to say, and realized that the relationship with you all – not as audience – but as co-creators and co-producers - is the most important thing for me as a director, and I believe my biggest challenge is to create a great space where YOU can create things and invent what’s going to happen.

I will also talk about how you took care of the movie, and how my perspective on creativity, and in fact, the world, has forever changed. Thank you for that!

Hanna and the Granny-team!


  1. Great talk at GoodMorning 2020 Hanna. Thanks for the inspiration--and even the added understanding for how the world of creative commons can REALLY work.

    Will it become possible to simply open and view the film, without downloading it?

  2. Har precis sett klart på din coola film. Är själv nitton år och jobbar i hemtjänsten, haha. Kände igen mig lite. Underbar film, så jävla bra helt enkelt, känsloladdad, viktig, modern. Lite "This is england" fast svensk.
    Sjukt bra helt enkelt, bara en kommentar från en nöjd tittare =)

  3. Johanna! Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to us!! :)

    Anonymous: I hope so, it's all about money and technical stuff of course, but some day! ... :)

  4. Hi Hanna,

    I write you to tell that we are preparing a screening of Nasty Old People in Motril (Granada, Spain) for the wednesday at 21:00 (free entrance) in Pub Berlín.

    The movie we will show in the new cine forum that we are organizing from Alifa and the Te Pica La Barba festival.


    In other way... Do you know the spanish project "El Cosmonauta"? If don't I'm sure you would be very interested on it for take ideas for your new project.

    About the streaming of the movie... you can upload to sites as archive.org or blip.tv , in that one they have an ad program where you can take some money.

    King regards,

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