Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well done!

This is some of the places where Nasty Old People has been screened live so far:

Barcelona CC- film festival
Gothenburg Wift
Södertälje - ABF
Arvika - Värmlands film festival
Gothenburg Gnutiken
Sunne - Selma Spa
Kiev - Cinema distribution
Milano - Squardi Altrove Film Festival
Nürnberg - Casablanca - Cinema
Bronx Independent Film Festival
Gothenburg Film Festival
Malmö - Panora
Stockholm - Bio Rio
Copenhagen - Filmstationen
Trelleborg - Plattformen
Los Angeles - Film Club
Tallin - Cinema Club
Gothenburg - Hagabion - "Window for independent film makers"
Lund - Kino
Common culture of Umeå
Montril - Festival de cultura libre
Gothenburg, Free Filmfestival CC - festival
Vladivostok - Kinosreda
Malmö - Kontrapunkt

And many other film clubs around the world, I don't remember them all!

And all of it thanx to you who shared the file and spread the word.
It's really magical when you think about it!

What's next? Take a look at "Granny's Dancing on the Table" on Facebook!



  1. спасибо .

  2. So now that The Hunt for Gollum has had over 4.7 million views on youtube, isn't it time to get your wonderful movie (which I've enjoyed immensely several times) on ?

    I'm sure youtube would be more than happy to set you up as a director or whatever it's called which will allow you to upload the movie for all to enjoy, because lets face it, it's just so much easier to tell my mom, "hey go watch this awesome movie, it's just a click away on youtube", than, going, "Hey watch this awesome movie, you just have to download a torrent and a client and then figure out the codec etc. etc."

    I mean I have about 50 spare DVD's lying around and I guess I could just burn a bunch and share them with everyone, but youtube would be so much easier and much more profitable for you even, because I'm pretty sure youtube shares the ad revenue the movies creates with its creators :) Wooooh everybody wins!

  3. I'm sure it has been quite an unforgettable experience being able to show the movie and to share it with the world, but out of curiosity... have you managed to make a profit? You don't have to disclose the amount if you don't want to, I'm just curious because regardless of the distribution methods, it is important for filmmakers to make a profit in order to become (or remain) active filmmakers.

  4. Hi! About the money, we didn't make a profit so far. But we recieved 7000 EUR in donations and now when it was screened at swedish television we have managed to pay the bank loan, and we'll also make DVD:s.

    But we havn't been able to pay the team yet. At the same time: Everything is not counted in money, and all the "marketing valeus" the social interaction and the way we actually changes the world a little bit :) has a value as high as the mnoney!

  5. We are going to screen 'nasty old people' at our university cinema in Zittau/Germany on March 24. We opend an exclusive Creatiove Commons Cinema just to support film makers like you by the donations of the audience.
    So fare we are very exeted about your film. Are you planing any more films? Can you recommend us any other good CC films?

    watch out for piracine at facebook or have a look on my blog


  6. I know youtube . com can be happy to set you as a representative or even whichever it's name is which will WOW Gold EU let you add the movie for all those to take pleasure from, simply because lets face it, it's Gold WOW just far more easy to see my mother, "hey move view this kind of wonderful motion picture, it is just a look away in youtube", as compared to, heading, "Hey view this kind of awesome motion picture, simply acquire Cheap World Of Warcraft Gold a bittorrent plus a buyer after which find out your codec and so on. and so on."

    I am talking about I've about 55 spare Videos lying around and I suppose I possibly could merely burn off a bunch and reveal these with everybody, however metacafe will be much simpler plus more lucrative for you even, because I'm fairly certain youtube . com explains to you the particular advert income the movies results in featuring its inventors :) Wooooh anyone is victorious!