Monday, March 1, 2010

Reports from Nürnberg

It’s spring in the air, and here at Casablanca, a small independent theatre in the Bavarian region, important things are slowly growing.

Casablanca is one of those amazing truly independent theaters which are run by real enthusiast, who has a vision and motivation above the usual. It’s amazing to have the Deutschland-premiere of Nasty Old People in a context like this, where the same spirit rules as on kontrapunkt in Malmö.

Those who run Casablanca started a year ago with a theatre in disrepair and begun to renovate. Today they have lots of members and volunteers who builds, paints and renovates together for free, and thereby they put the marks of their hands and spirits into the walls. And you definitely feel this is a place run by visions and love, while watching the movie.

The two screenings we had so far went great, many people came and many questions were asked. In two weeks there will be more screenings. There were no entrance fee, the audience could donate to contribute to the bank loan, and afterwards we had some really nice discussions in the bar – both about the movie, but also about free art and culture.

So, keep seeding, and see you somewhere else in the world



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